Wednesday 6 June 2012


A close up of a full figure I did a little while ago. The reason I'm posting this is, A. To keep the blog alive, (I've been very quiet here because of commission work), and B. Because I'm having a go at doing this face in oils. I keep banging on about having another go at them, and always end up having to procrastinate for some reason. Well this time I printed it out as a tonal drawing and mounted it on hard-board (US - Masonite), a la Donato Giancola's method using Acrylic Matte Medium to coat it and glue it. I decided to do it this way, as still struggling with oils as a medium, having a tonal 'sketch' to work on might be a help for a novice. It's also a method I used at the Illustration Master Class in Massachusetts last year. Hopefully it'll end up completely different or at least 'changed' in some way. I'll post my 'attempts' in stages as I do them for you point and laugh at... :P

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abdul666 said...

Did you posted her here?
Sorry to ask, but how much I love your blog I did not manage yet to have perused it entirely.