Wednesday 23 April 2008

Last Man Standing

This was my final submission for the LMS on Concept Art. Not the one I started with, which I as good as finished, but felt unsure about at the last minute. I finished this one off in a couple of days although had started it at the beginning of the competition. ( I seem to be drawing girls on beds a lot right now! :) )I'll post the first version, a different picture when I tweak it some more. There is a third, but I have no idea if I'll finish it. There were two other fabulous images in my match from Kirtz and Sept13. Sadly Shelly Wan was unable to submit, but I would love to have seen what she would have come up with. Oh well...

Thursday 3 April 2008

Dorian Gray

With my Last Man Standing pic starting to go pear shaped for the Concept Art contest, I'm going to work up a sketch of Dorian Gray, from Oscar Wilde's story. Like my Oscar image I'm going to make him/her androgenous and paint it in the style of Henrique Medina's paintings of Hurt Hatfield as Dorian from the 1945 movie. I can't find much reference for either of the two he painted for the movie. There is plenty of Ivan Albright's corrupt Dorian (who I think looks like Father Jack from 'Father Ted'), but very little of the younger one. Apparently there were two, one which was later bought for Hurd Hatfield, a completely uncorrupted version, and another known as the 'sneer', where Dorian's expression is turning as it begins to show the evil. I guess a good examination of the movie is in order! One thing I love about the film is the fact the whole thing is in black and white, except for the paintings which are in colour!

Tuesday 1 April 2008

Taurus Bar

Well, my wife and I put the piccys up in Taurus Bar. Here are a couple of images from the morning. Only got a few 'photos as guests were arriving and I had to disappear off. Thanks to Ian, the manager, for wanting me back. Should be able to return sometime and make a better record, as there are more I didn't photograph.

The Guardian/Independent listings got in touch so there's a chance I'll be in their magazines this weekend. Which would be nice! :)