Friday 30 March 2012

Sacre Bleu by Christopher Moore

There was a nice surprise in the post a couple of days ago! Last year Christopher Moore, the author approached me wondering if he might be able to use 'The Absinthe Fairy' on an upcoming book. The thing is it would have to be 'blue' for reasons, self evident! So I made the changes and this is the result! Enormously happy and grateful to Christopher for wanting to use the image! Thank you! Funny how a character design for an on-line challenge has such a journey!

Chris's website is HERE

And you can see the original HERE

Please excuse the awful photographs! :)

Wednesday 28 March 2012


She sings her song, a waltz to death,
On ravens wings and spiders breath.

'Ligeia'. I was starting to tweak too much. I was going to go mad on the detail, but sometimes you realise that wont do it any favours...

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Rosie Lugosi

A promotional image for the wonderful Rosie Lugosi, cabaret and burlesque host. Her facebook page is HERE!

Sunday 18 March 2012


Edited, rather than a new post: Some more 'burlesque' sketches. The third one had a doodle of a poster in the background, so I did it as an image on its own, and all the performers too! :o)

Wednesday 14 March 2012

More Showgirls

Some more sketch burlesque/showgirls. These are just warm-up exercises I do in the morning when I should be doing other things...


Mr Ian Fraser Kilmister, aka: Lemmy of Motorhead and Hawkwind. A sort of caricature of him for an on-line challenge. I did this whilst my internet router was busy dying at the weekend! (Why do they make these things so complicated!!?)

Friday 9 March 2012

Back Stage Burlesque

Yesterday's sketchiness. A burlesque girl back stage... These are fun so there's more to come...

Rather than make a new post, here's today's as well... Very quick just to loosen up a bit... :)

Monday 5 March 2012


Two events in almost as many weeks! Well, I'll be at the Steampunk Market in Leeds UK this coming Saturday 10th March selling prints etc.

Cardigan Road

There'll be lots of stalls and stuff, and a some tea and a scone too!