Friday 30 November 2012

Darkrising: The Art of Aly Fell

Well, 'the book' is HERE! I just took delivery of 8 boxes of 'DARKRISING: The Art of Aly Fell'. Never a bad thing! This is my first collection of personal work, and I am enormously grateful to SQP Publishing for offering me this opportunity.

48 pages, soft-cover, with dozens of images, and even a pic of my ugly mug in the introduction! You can buy it by following the link on the left hand column of the blog, or alternatively clicking HERE. (It takes you to the same place on my website either way).

Hint hint... nearly Christmas... ahem... cough...

Tuesday 6 November 2012


Popped out to the post office this morning to collect a missed delivery, and it was THE book! :) My first personal collection. It will be available soon, these are just the advance copies for my own personal perusal. Thanks to SQP, Bob and Sal for this!