Tuesday 30 September 2008

The Clockwork Heart

Yet(!) another unfinished Character of the Week! I enjoyed doing the sketch anyhow, so here it is. Based on a little tale by CA member yoitisi, about a boys father with a clockwork heart. The rough and the beginnings of 'clean up'.

Wednesday 24 September 2008

Sherry update!

I was supposed to be doing something else this evening and it was going pear shaped; avocado with nasty black spots on it! So I tweaked Sherherezade instead with bit more success... I hope. Close up...

Tuesday 23 September 2008

Spaceship Crash Site

The Environment of the Week on Concept Art is a Spaceship Crashsite. Ages a go I did a doodle for another idea, and the CA challenge has inspired me to work it up a bit more. A sort of Steampunk Spaceship Crashsite. I can't submit it, as the work must be wholly original, in that it's done for that week, but I want to have fun with it anyway! :) The first is the original sketch, and the second how I'm going to approach it (essentially turn the spaceship upside down!)


Scheherazade! I love Arabian Nights stuff, and collect copies of the books, having editions going back to about 1840, my favourite being Edmund Dulac's and Andrew Lang's editions. A recent Character of the Week on Concept Art was to interpret her. My small brain decided she should be like a 1940's film star, al la Hedy (not Hedley!) Lamaar. So with inspiration from Robert McGinnis this is what I produced. It's not actually finished yet, so I'll ost the final soon.

ImagineFX Cover

I was asked to do a cover for ImagineFX, a great privilege. The concept was a tongue in cheek poster with a bit of a Barbarella vibe. I did a couple of roughs, which included a monster on the back cover, as it was to be a fold around cover. The monster I was NOT happy with at all. I finished it at 4AM and this is a sober lesson to me never to do that again. The one I've put up here is without the said beastie, and I think is better for it. If you really want to see the tentacled thingy, then buy ImagineFX! :)