Wednesday 22 May 2013

London Comic Con

Another convention, in London! Yup I'm getting in the old Land Rover with lots of prints and books 'n' stuff and heading down the M1 and the M25 (Cthullu help me!) to 'the Smoke'. Please come along and say "Hi" at the:

LONDON COMIC CON (Clickable linky winky)
Royal Victoria Dock

this coming weekend 25th and 26th May. I'll be in the Comic Village (guess I'm the comic village idiot), at table A3. (I was trying to working out the numerological significance of 'A3', and have established that it's the table I'll be at.)

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Wonder Woman

Just found this old redesign of Wonder Woman in a sort of 40's style. I think this came about when I was drawing The Mesmer. It was only a sketch, but I might work it up someday (and correct the anatomy!!)...

Edit: On another note, we had a thunderstorm and a lightning strike on the house behind ours. Minimal damage but very dramatic. As a result the two routers in our house blew out through the phone line and I'm currently using a very old one I found at the bottom of a box, till the new one arrives. As a result I have limited access to emails, but should be back to normal later in the week.