Thursday 26 June 2008

Wednesday 25 June 2008

Thunderdome Scrappers

Whilst I'm in a posting mood, and Concept Art and CGSociety are out for me right now (dunno what's going on but I can't seem to access any graphics site tonight), here are a couple of my Thunderdome pieces for the recent Concept Art challenge, that I ended up scrapping for various reasons, but will still finish off anyway. The first is kind of a nod to Norman Rockwell, and the second just plain weird... I don't know what was going on in my head when I started this one... The theme was Outbreak.

Up Up and Away

I've been drawing girls in flying gear for so long it's about time I started to refine a character I think. This is Valerie... a very quick lunchtime doodle.

Wednesday 4 June 2008

Trashy Pulp

This is an old image I thought might make an interesting pulp cover. She was originally for one of the Character of the Weeks on, and she was called Petra Hepburn.
Still listening to Swans a lot, and an old band I discovered years ago, Pain Teens.

Also, went to see Chemical Wedding the other day. Very bizarre! This was a movie with Simon Callow as a university professor who is for all intents is re-incarnated as Aleister Crowley. It's produced by Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden, and although he obviously has an affection for his subject, it's essentially a metal bands impression of the man: all the salaciousness and none of the subtlety. Callow is great, and the film held my interest; noticing all the in joke references to Crowley's life is fun (names like Victor, Leah and Haddo himself) but I'm still waiting for a less OTT film about the Great Beast!