Thursday 28 March 2024

'The Kissing Gate' - Aunt Elspeth

Although not based on Virginia Woolf (Aunt Elspeth was loosely based on my uncle actually!) she was in mind when I drew her. This is one of the five character cards that I gave away with copies of 'The Kissing Gate' and if you look closely there is an edition of 'Orlando on the shelf. RIP Virginia Woolf who died this day 83 years ago (1882 - 1941).

Monday 25 March 2024

'A Trick of the Light' and 'The Kissing Gate'.


Since I last updated the blog, properly anyway, I've published two books: 'A Trick of the Light' and 'The Kissing Gate'. Both are graphic 'novels', and the first two in a sequence of four. Each story is not connected to the previous, and can be read independently, but they all echo with the same themes. Both were successful Kickstarters, and are now available through Etsy.

I'm currently working on the third, which was written last year and is almost completely roughed out. It will be longer than the first two: currently running at about 120 pages, and I aim to go to Kickstarter towards the end of the 2024, start of '25. The fourth is written, but only in prose form.

So that's all caught up then!

Below are the covers and examples of interior pages from both books.



 It HAS been a while, has it not?

Update coming...