Monday 24 March 2008

Quiet Day

Some days you mean to get a lot done, and then find yourself blobbing in front of the TV. Today was one of those. A bag of Twiglets, The Longest Day followed by The Princess Diaries! Anyhow, here's a reverse gender portrait of Oscar Wilde as a woman, for a 'Character of the Week' on Concept

Wednesday 19 March 2008

Dave Stevens

On March the 10th Dave Stevens died of Lukaemia, at the ridiculously young age of 52. A massive fan of his work, particularly 'The Rocketeer', and his wonderful playful pin-ups, his passing is a sad loss. Thoughts and condolences to his family and friends.

Tuesday 11 March 2008


Woke up to a great bit of news this morning in that I've got something in Spectrum! Woohoo! Don't know what yet, but I guess I'll find out soon. Made my day to be honest! Chuffed is only half of it!

Sunday 9 March 2008

An Exhibition!

Sat and watched 'Hairspray' with the missus tonight, the original. Not seen it before, and really enjoyed it. Not had much time to do other things, such as paint this weekend, but hopefully I can find time to get on with my new Last Man Standing piece this week. However I've got an exhibition coming up in Manchester UK throughout April. I had one there this time last year and it worked out pretty well. I'm never really sure my stuff is the kind of 'art' that people want on a wall, but I've sold a couple. :) Click the image for a big one!

Saturday 8 March 2008

Dead LMS and a couple more.

Well I might as well add a couple more whilst I'm awake and eating pistachios.

One of my earlier 'Underneath it All' compositions. I'll finish it, maybe. But I go a bit lost whilst working it up...

Another image I produced for a project I did with another artist, my good friend Jonny Duddle, Duddlebug. More details of that later. Didn't turn out quite as I expected, but there were bits I liked...

Friday 7 March 2008

That's Shalott

A picture wot I done to start off my blog. Seen on Concept, but now seen here too!

Well I'm through to the next round of LMS on Quite how I dunno, but there you have it. The next round'll be fun. I'm up against some very fine artists including Shelly Wan, an illustrator I vastly respect. I also have a comic book cover to do for a US based publisher, which is nice!