Saturday 28 July 2012

"Wheat and Wine"

I was trying to remember how I approached the method of 'The Absinthe Fairy' and did this, sort of a sketch I worked up a bit. The text is the last verse of a favourite poem: 'Wheat and Wine' by Aleister Crowley. I have a habit - not a good one - of doing these experiments at quite a low resolution. The next I'll do at a much higher one, and go a bit more overboard on the detail.

Friday 20 July 2012

Manchester MCM Expo

Tomorrow, being the 21 first day of July in the year of our lord Twenty twelve, I am of a disposition most pleased to be able to impart details of attendance at The Manchester MCM Expo, by myself. I shall be endeavouring to impart wares and fineries of artistic achievement to the general populace, whilst enunciating most emphatically above the noise and hubbub of what is commonly known as 'Robot Wars'!

In other words pop along and say hello, if you can hear yourself over Craig Charles (I assume) warbling away.

EDIT: Thank you to EVERYONE who turned up yesterday for an event that exceeded all expectations! And thank you to all who bought a print or tarot deck or just chatted with me! As they say: props to you all!

Thursday 5 July 2012

Anima Sola

I did a doodle yesterday morning for something else altogether and it turned into this. Didn't want to spend too long on it so no ref for the awful hands but it was fun to do quickly. I'll probably look at it tomorrow and see the mistakes..! 'Anima Sola'... purgatory isn't all bad!

Edit: did a small tweak...