Wednesday 22 December 2010

Sunday 5 December 2010

Harajuku Warrior

A character design for the Character of the Week thingy...

She's not much of a warrior I suppose... pointy umbrellas aren't the best weapon in the world. But she can 'pout' you to death.

Thursday 2 December 2010

Something old, something new...

In May of 2011 I shall be attending the Bristol International Comic and Small Press Expo. Please come along and say 'how do' or wibble at me in a manner of your own choosing. Alternatively buy something. This shall be my first Con (almost), so I am a con virgin! There will be other people who are prone to drawing attending, eg: Matt Dixon, Kevin Crossley and Dr Geof all three I am acquainted with, almost intimately, so there will be safety in numbers. I shall provide more information closer the time, some of it even relevant.

Now... a big post of mixed stuff, old and less old... First, something dark and bizarre... An image I started ages ago when I was going through my 'girls with swords phase' (it's a phase - recognise the fact! Like eating peanut butter and Marmite on Digestive biscuits is 'a phase', or Worcester Sauce flavour Twiglets is 'a phase'). I decided to tweak it into shape with the idea of making it into a mock movie poster, but it ended up being more like a poster for a play; some sort of pseudo occult classical nonsense. Used a few over-laid textures to age and 'atmosphere' it up.

The last Character of the Week (ChoW), a re-design of 'Barbarella' or Mrs Jetson as someone pointed out generously.

An old Character of the week, John Carter of Mars, from the Edgar Rice Burroughs stories. This probably could do with more time on it, but trying to keep the Chow's quick was part of the idea. Aah, girls at the foot of an heroic chap... (what's that all about then?)... how timeless...

Based on a song by The March Violets, 'Dress for You'. It's ketchup, she's a messy eater. Bit of a play with a brush or two downloaded from CGHub and supplied by the generous Ditlev

Another old Character of the Week, 'The Magus', based not so loosely on Aleister Crowley, A bit of a mish-mash this image, but I kind of liked the face.

And some sketchy stuff. A sky pirate and a couple of cowboys from long ago!

A drawing done for an art exchange anniversary thingy on GorillaArtFare. We each were given another artist to do a version of one of their images I got the wonderful Karla Ortiz. I chose to slightly cartoonify one of hers, and made a right pigs ear of it!
Finally a real oldie, an instruction I did sheet for one of the old Halcyon model kits, this one of Judge Death sculpted by the excellent Colin Batty