Wednesday 22 December 2010

Sunday 5 December 2010

Harajuku Warrior

A character design for the Character of the Week thingy...

She's not much of a warrior I suppose... pointy umbrellas aren't the best weapon in the world. But she can 'pout' you to death.

Thursday 2 December 2010

Something old, something new...

In May of 2011 I shall be attending the Bristol International Comic and Small Press Expo. Please come along and say 'how do' or wibble at me in a manner of your own choosing. Alternatively buy something. This shall be my first Con (almost), so I am a con virgin! There will be other people who are prone to drawing attending, eg: Matt Dixon, Kevin Crossley and Dr Geof all three I am acquainted with, almost intimately, so there will be safety in numbers. I shall provide more information closer the time, some of it even relevant.

Now... a big post of mixed stuff, old and less old... First, something dark and bizarre... An image I started ages ago when I was going through my 'girls with swords phase' (it's a phase - recognise the fact! Like eating peanut butter and Marmite on Digestive biscuits is 'a phase', or Worcester Sauce flavour Twiglets is 'a phase'). I decided to tweak it into shape with the idea of making it into a mock movie poster, but it ended up being more like a poster for a play; some sort of pseudo occult classical nonsense. Used a few over-laid textures to age and 'atmosphere' it up.

The last Character of the Week (ChoW), a re-design of 'Barbarella' or Mrs Jetson as someone pointed out generously.

An old Character of the week, John Carter of Mars, from the Edgar Rice Burroughs stories. This probably could do with more time on it, but trying to keep the Chow's quick was part of the idea. Aah, girls at the foot of an heroic chap... (what's that all about then?)... how timeless...

Based on a song by The March Violets, 'Dress for You'. It's ketchup, she's a messy eater. Bit of a play with a brush or two downloaded from CGHub and supplied by the generous Ditlev

Another old Character of the Week, 'The Magus', based not so loosely on Aleister Crowley, A bit of a mish-mash this image, but I kind of liked the face.

And some sketchy stuff. A sky pirate and a couple of cowboys from long ago!

A drawing done for an art exchange anniversary thingy on GorillaArtFare. We each were given another artist to do a version of one of their images I got the wonderful Karla Ortiz. I chose to slightly cartoonify one of hers, and made a right pigs ear of it!
Finally a real oldie, an instruction I did sheet for one of the old Halcyon model kits, this one of Judge Death sculpted by the excellent Colin Batty

Monday 18 October 2010

A WICKED Hallowe'en!

I felt Elphaba, The Wicked Witch of the West might be appropriate for Halloween! I did her 'pink', the fact she was green totally skipping past me, so added a green tint! Used a bit of pose ref, and a the usual Photoshop brushes. Have a good one, even if I'm being a bit premature!

Edit: Elphaba just got a Gold Award on CGHub! Thank you for that! :) I think the Witch of the South, Glinda, should be next, or maybe of the East and North seeing as those two don't get much 'airtime'!

Edit: Process gif HERE

Tuesday 28 September 2010

Emma Frost and stuff...

No post for ages, so apologies. Long term projects and a house move have swallowed much of my time, so hopefully things will be steadier for now...

Marvel's Emma Frost - A little Mr Hughes inspired on the approach to the cape, but the rest is me own (referencing her costume of course)!

A personal piece based on a photograph by John Wright of actress Emily Fitch. I wasn't after a likeness, it was mainly the outfit and the pose I liked so just wanted to do something inspired by it.

Another image based on the same sequence of photographs from John Wright. Less like the original.

This was a Character of the Week on I never finished it for the challenge. The topic was The Queen of Music. I did mine inspired by the eighties band Strawberry Switchblade...

A very quick old ChoW, but I've not put it anywhere, I think. The Endless' 'Death' goes Emo... (Heavily influenced by Joe Chiodo) When I did this I forgot to up-scale my resolution so the original is very small unfortunately.

Thanks you for visiting! :o)

Monday 5 July 2010

The Necromancer

I don't know what it is with Blogger but I have these intermittent periods when I can't see any images from any blog at all! Not just mine... any blog! The text shows up but not the pics...

Anyway, an inbetween jobs piece for 'Character of the Week' on Concept Art. A student Necromancer called Rosie! This was just for fun.

Saturday 26 June 2010

Io9 Article

Wow! I've been featured on io9! A friend sent me a link and I feel enormously honoured! I think I need to get back into some good old fashioned horror pin-up! :) Thank you to them!



Monday 12 April 2010

Frank Frazetta, Peter O'Donnell and Loose Ends...

Frank Frazetta 1928 - 2010

Gee, I'm bad at updating! Before I do, though, a word about Frank Frazetta, who passed on recently. As a kid I used to buy Conan books just for his covers alone. I was a bit more of a sci-fi geek than fantasy, but there was something about his work that struck a chord, as it did with many kids of my generation. There were few art collection books available then, unlike the way there is today, so I used to cycle the eleven miles to my nearest bookshop with a couple of quid in my pocket earned from shovelling cow/pig-crap at my weekend job on a farm. I would buy books by people like Ray Bradbury, Michael Moorcock, John Wyndham, Bob Shaw, Robert Sheckley etc, but after a friend at school showed me Frazetta's work when he was copying 'Death Dealer' for art class (in those powdery school paints you used to get) I fell in love with the easy use of colour and the bizarre landscapes he used to paint. Impossibly proportioned Rubenesque women and pumped up seemingly steroid enhanced men (a friend once described as looking like a condom full of walnuts). The funny thing is I didn't want to paint like him, or at least his subject matter, big muscular blokes didn't really appeal. I wanted to draw X-wing fighters, The Starship Enterprise, Batman, and bizarrely images of Joan of Arc as well! But I loved his work, and like so many things recently, I've realised his artwork on those 'Sphere' paperbacks decorated my imagination as much as the spaceships of Chris Foss or Tintin or Asterix. Here's to you Frank!

Peter O'Donnell 1920 - 2010
And someone else who's death went almost unnoticed was Peter O'Donnell at 90, who created the wonderful Modesty Blaise in 1963. Modesty was a precursor of Emma Peel of The Avengers, and pretty iconic when it came to the depiction of strong women in comics. She was drawn by a number of artists but apparently every story, whether novel or comic strip was written by O'Donnell.


Some old and new sketches, and things that will probably never be finished...
Dragon's Egg 1:Kid Pirates:

Some spooky scarecrows. Quite old these, but I've not put them on the blog.

Dragon's Egg 2:
Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion:

Erica, Zombie Killer Rough:

A 'Character of the Week' I never finished, maybe I should as it's almost there...

A slightly bizarre rough of Isis for a Character of the Week:

A personal piece: The Vampire Queen!

And finally a pic from junior school... many years ago! A combination of Star Trek and the Thames TV logo... why!?

Sunday 14 March 2010

Teddy and Beast

OK... so I said I'd update more often this year, what an idle promise that was! Sorry, but the muse has kind of been difficult to encourage recently. Sometimes it just isn't there... However here are two images from recent weeks. The first is an adaptation of a piece done to a brief. I spent a bit more time on it after the deadline and turned it into something else purely for me. The second is a bit (!) darker and is called 'Beast'. There is a bit of history to this image but that's another story, it's inspired by an old photograph of the mark of the beast!