Friday 13 April 2012

'Discount Armageddon': Seanan McGuire

Last year I was asked to produce a cover for Seanan McGuire's new novel 'Discount Armageddon', almost unable to fit it in because of previous commitments, we juggled and managed it. It was lovely to work for Seanan and DAW books, and I had fun with the image!

All in Photoshop CS2, using my two favourite personal brushes, with some help from a custom cloud brush, and one of Charfade's leaf brushes, that I adapted to suit.



Jimmy Simpson said...

The other day, I saw this cover in a bookstore here in the US and thought, "That looks like Aly Fell's work." Sure enough it was. I like it.

Aly Fell said...

Thank you Jimmy! :o)