Saturday 22 January 2011

Ms Marvel

A second Marvel superheroine. I was trying a slightly different technique in Photoshop by using nothing but flat round brushes on her, and no brush textures. I wasn't very happy with the pose on this one, but enjoyed doing her face so thought I'd post it.


Wiggz said...

Gorgeous.Absolutely stunning.

Well if that's a new technique for you, consider it nailed.


serge birault said...

Round brush is the only one :)
Well done, sir !

Daestwen said...

Hooooot. :] I wish you would post this and your emma frost one on the pin-up blog!

Øyvind Lauvdahl said...


Ed-Art said...

awesome work! just wow!

Pxel Slayer said...

Oh my...<3

Now, if only Scarlet Witch would get some loving...*wink-wink nudge-nudge*

Wiggz said...

Hey Aly,

You've got to add a Black Cat to your "to do" list.


SL Ross / Sabrina Ross said...

Have you done any book covers for an author?

jake gumbleton said...

Hi mate, hows thing?
I like the pose Ally, it has nice tension to it. Glad to see you are still cranking them out.
Round brush for the win. With softness ajustments on shift+square bracket keys It is the workhorse of the digital painter :}

Aly Fell said...

Thanks Wiggz, Serge, Britt, Øyvind, Edino, Pxel Slayer, Sabrina and Jake. As for the suggestions; well, we'll have to see! ;)

Sabrina - I've done some comic covers, and have a couple of children's book covers in the works.

Jake - I can't work out that softness adjustment. When I do it it locks the brushstroke into vertical or horizontal. Anyway, hope you're well too! Give the Harrison fella a big wet manly hug!

PxelSlayer said...

Presuming you are using a PC -
Alt+right click (moving up or down changes brush hardness, moving left or right changes brush size)

jake gumbleton said...

Hi Ally,
Brush softness only works on brushes that are vector based so i would just double check that what you are using as your hard round is a proper vector brush.
The square bracket thing is not something you do while making a stroke. If you tap square brackets they take your brush size up and down. If you hold shift and tap them then they change the brush softness up and down (if it is a vector based brush).
pxelslayer's alt+right click sounds more intuitive though but my left hand is so used to sitting on that part of my keyboard now:)
We should try and hook up soon. Paul would love to see you again too.

AdamFF said...

Loving it. I only ever use the hard round brush really, so this is giving me something to aim for!

TMoney1138 said...

Will this print be available for purchase? I love this!