Tuesday 6 January 2009

Bettie Page

Well, I might as well post some 'art' as well!

A recent Character of the Week on Concept Art was Betty Page after she passed away. This was my entry portraying her as Little Miss Muffet. It looks nothing like her, but was very much a Gil Elvgrenisation of her. Hope it works a bit!


Anonymous said...

Hey there

Just found your blog! Nice to see all this ace new stuff that youre not putting up on CGT (tsk tsk!) - LOVE this betty page one. Very Elvgren-y!

Keep up the good stuff.

Ben Newman said...

so sorry to read about your dad, hope you are coping ok. my dad died last year so i know how hard it can be.
love the bettie page pic btw!

Bettie Blogger said...

LOOOOOVE the Bettie Page illustration... and your style, in general. Could I post this on the blog for Bettie's official site, BettiePage.com?

I can add any commentary/self-promotion/bio, etc., to accompany it, as well.