Friday 10 October 2008

Sherlock Holmes

This is still a work in progress (as usual), although it's nearly there. Sherlock Holmes, a personal interpretation, from a Concept Art 'character of the week'. I'm trying to catch that intenstity that Holmes has. There's still something not quite right about the eyes, and of course I've still got to do the hands and chair etc.


Ben Newman said...

very nice work mr fell.

Anonymous said...

I really hope you will finish this one. All your work is great, but here you got already such a great expression for him.

Rita Ria

Anonymous said...

Yay, a Holmes :-)
I like the outer part of the eyebrow, the rounded arc, but the inner part, and the low hairline, seem to be a *tad* too bushy and dark for Holmes. A bit too masculine, if you get what what I mean. Too athletic/healthy. There is a bit of a nerd in Holmes, and remember his starving and drug abuse.
Uli from CA/fellow Holmes fan

Jean-Claude Mornard said...


Your painting "Sherlock Holmes" is realy great !
Is it possible to reproduced this painting on my site about the great detective ?

With your name, of course, and a link to your site.
(Sorry for my broken english)

Best regards,

JC Mornard

Aly Fell said...

Thanks guys. Uli - Taken you point of view on board and I agree. Did a bit more work on it...

Jean-Claude - of course!

Alex said...

It's fantastic. He seems pretty intense and enigmatic to me, but I can only imagine what you had in mind.