Tuesday 23 September 2008

Spaceship Crash Site

The Environment of the Week on Concept Art is a Spaceship Crashsite. Ages a go I did a doodle for another idea, and the CA challenge has inspired me to work it up a bit more. A sort of Steampunk Spaceship Crashsite. I can't submit it, as the work must be wholly original, in that it's done for that week, but I want to have fun with it anyway! :) The first is the original sketch, and the second how I'm going to approach it (essentially turn the spaceship upside down!)


OYO! said...

Bonjour Aly,

Man, I am so humble in front of your works. I knew some of the pieces, mostly from Chow. And I just realized how much of your artworks I had never seen. Wow. Am really impressed and inspired. Bravo !


rybeck said...

Simply beautiful and elegant pieces you have here...

What an idea to make storytelling by put a thing upside down.. LOL

Would love to stop by often.