Thursday 7 August 2008

An Oldie!

Thought I'd put up another oldie as I'm coming back to this one as well. The Ice Princess; yet another ChOW on Concept Art.


Anonymous said...

I draw a little too and try Corel Painter a few time ago (if my memory is good i saw that you work on Corel)

But when I saw a drawning like that, I always ask me "But how can we make something like that ?" XD

I find Corel hard to use (too many tools for me ^^"), maybe because i usually work on Photoshop.

In brief, you're a killer with a pencil in hand =)

Francis Vallejo said...


Anonymous said...

I really like the mix of elements in this image.

On first glance you see her and the wolf, and think 'ok, so shes coming back to her luxury tent, she looks a bit chilly... maybe shes some kind of soldier or barbarian uber-wench' but then you see the ray gun and it leaves you thinking 'I want to know more...'

very cool