Sunday, 12 February 2012

Dr Sketchy's

I went to my first Anti Art Class the other day, Dr Sketchy's in Chester. It was fantastic, alongside the excellent Jonny Duddle, we scribbled away at one minute, five minute and fifteen minute poses. Here are three of my attempts, the top two five mins each and the bottom one minute. I can't wait till I'm able to go to another one. Thanks to Heather and the organisers of Dr Sketchy's North Wales.

BTW, I have an 'Art' Facebook page so if you're on there pop along and 'like' if you feel like it.


Enzo said...

I recently went to my first Dr. Sketchy's local event as well and it was awesome! Keep going - they are good for the motivation.

Wiggz said...

really nice - I like the second one especially.Its a cool way of learning to sketch poses quickly with very little time.