Saturday, 28 July 2012

"Wheat and Wine"

I was trying to remember how I approached the method of 'The Absinthe Fairy' and did this, sort of a sketch I worked up a bit. The text is the last verse of a favourite poem: 'Wheat and Wine' by Aleister Crowley. I have a habit - not a good one - of doing these experiments at quite a low resolution. The next I'll do at a much higher one, and go a bit more overboard on the detail.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Manchester MCM Expo

Tomorrow, being the 21 first day of July in the year of our lord Twenty twelve, I am of a disposition most pleased to be able to impart details of attendance at The Manchester MCM Expo, by myself. I shall be endeavouring to impart wares and fineries of artistic achievement to the general populace, whilst enunciating most emphatically above the noise and hubbub of what is commonly known as 'Robot Wars'!

In other words pop along and say hello, if you can hear yourself over Craig Charles (I assume) warbling away.

EDIT: Thank you to EVERYONE who turned up yesterday for an event that exceeded all expectations! And thank you to all who bought a print or tarot deck or just chatted with me! As they say: props to you all!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Battlestains Redux

Years ago, 2005 in fact (it says so in the signature on the pic), I did an image/character piece on Concept for a challenge. I ignored the brief (dur) and did an image totally for myself. I was going through the ‘girls with big swords’ stage! It wasn’t a very good pic, awful in fact. The face looked pasted in probably because I was in the [bad] habit of doing the face in a separate file and actually cutting and pasting it in later, essentially to keep file sizes down (don't do it kids!). But I did like the metal arm and some of the textures on the clothes. It was on my website for a while, but I went-off it quite quickly and took it down.

About a month ago I got a mail from some kind soul on Deviant Art to say that someone had posted this image as theirs, and it was available as a print. I checked it out, and sure enough, there’s my pic, renamed from ‘Battlestains’ to ‘Vampire Assassin’. She’s not a vampire, but ho-hum… Now I know Deviant Art is ripe with this sort of stuff, apparently, but it hadn’t happened to me before (as far as I know), and I’d assumed it wouldn’t, because I’ve NEVER posted my artwork on Deviant Art. I’ve wanted to, believe me! Maximising your audience should be very important to an artist, but generally I’m always a bit reticent about ‘over-exposure’, so I’d put my ‘posting artwork on DA’ onto the back burner for the time being. I have an account there, but it’s empty. I made a polite but firm post on the ‘artists’ page asking them to take it down as it wasn’t theirs, and that I had informed DA. However I didn’t get a reply to my first message to DA so I tried again, but then discovered they reply ‘on the website’ not directly to you, and my sp@m box had a notification in it! I was informed that my request to have the image removed ‘was invalid’… ‘Invalid’! The message was 'generated automatically'... uh huh... riiiight...

Well, I've now been asked to go through a complicated legal procedure to ask the 'artist', or DA to take the image down. I only want the image removed. I mean... I DID IT, in all its bad anatomy, flat faced, awkward poseyness! SO I decided better time would be spent, for NOW, in doing up the image I at least liked bits of. So here's the before and after. It's still a bit poo, but at least it's polished poo. When I get back in touch with the lumbering monolith that is DA I shall keep you updated...


Thursday, 5 July 2012

Anima Sola

I did a doodle yesterday morning for something else altogether and it turned into this. Didn't want to spend too long on it so no ref for the awful hands but it was fun to do quickly. I'll probably look at it tomorrow and see the mistakes..! 'Anima Sola'... purgatory isn't all bad!

Edit: did a small tweak...

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


If you've made it this far you've clicked past the Adult Content warning, so thank you! Something I've had to put up after my blog was briefly taken down due to a report of 'objectionable' material.

I can only put it down to the image on the Bad Kitty post on the 27th May and the photo based on my very old painting, because Blogger/Google aren't interested in telling you WHY the blog was discontinued, only that it has been! It seems that as users we have to be the proactive ones, we have to react to actions taken against us without information, and it becomes our prerogative and incentive to have to sort out issues that we did not initiate, regardless of how 'objectionable' something really is, an expression used totally arbitrarily.

So thanks for coming here, and continuing to come here. If you find something offensive or objectionable, don't come here again. Your own finger is your 'off button'. Use it wisely, because one day someone else might decide to use their 'off button' to make that decision for you.