Friday, 28 December 2012

Tarot Awards

After the Christmas break it's rather lovely to come back to some rewarding and wonderful news... 'The Steampunk Tarot' has been awarded Tarot of the Year by Tarosophy Website for Professional Tarot readers. It's a fantastic honour and recognition for Barbara Moore's writing and my artwork, and I'm enormously grateful.

My artwork also received Best Artwork from The Tarot Lady website, which is rather fantastic and flattering. Thank you Theresa Reed!


Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady said...

You're quite welcome, Aly. Your artwork is amazing and it was a win by a landslide - no question about it.

We love the Steampunk Tarot around here!

Shanti Om,

Professor von Explaino said...

Splendid news, congratulations to all involved.

Aly Fell said...

Thanks Professor! :)

And thanks Theresa! Really appreciated!