Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Madimi: The Blog

Because the graphic novel I'm developing (oohh! So ‘grand' sounding!) is off in another direction to my other work I've set up a separate blog for its development. Lots of ruffs, doublet and hose, swept hilt rapiers and a bit of magic(k). Quite a lot of Magick in fact… It'll basically be a place I intend to amalgamate all the bits and bobs I filter into the project, so the organisation and the progress might be quite erratic.

To go to the blog click the text below.

"It is 1563. Elizabeth has been monarch for 5 years and is still recovering from about of smallpox. Plague has broken out once more in London and the Queen’s Court has temporarily moved to Windsor. A man called Thomas Hughes, newly returned from The New World steps onto St Katharine Dock, carrying in his bag an object of incredible power, and a letter addressed to someone known only as 'Eyes'…"

The address: http://a-tudor-rose.blogspot.co.uk/

The main character Rosalind, who's popped up a couple of times here.  

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