Wednesday, 4 July 2012


If you've made it this far you've clicked past the Adult Content warning, so thank you! Something I've had to put up after my blog was briefly taken down due to a report of 'objectionable' material.

I can only put it down to the image on the Bad Kitty post on the 27th May and the photo based on my very old painting, because Blogger/Google aren't interested in telling you WHY the blog was discontinued, only that it has been! It seems that as users we have to be the proactive ones, we have to react to actions taken against us without information, and it becomes our prerogative and incentive to have to sort out issues that we did not initiate, regardless of how 'objectionable' something really is, an expression used totally arbitrarily.

So thanks for coming here, and continuing to come here. If you find something offensive or objectionable, don't come here again. Your own finger is your 'off button'. Use it wisely, because one day someone else might decide to use their 'off button' to make that decision for you.


Ben Newman said...

Really?!! Wow. Makes you wonder if blogger actually check sites before they slam down the "objectionable" hammer...I mean everything is objectionable to someone, you would think they'd have some sort of common sense filter to weed through complaints. Oh well, I'm sure it won't stop anyone from visiting!

Chad said...

Same thing happened to Mick Farren's blog. It's almost always someone complaining. It's not going to stop traffic though.

Aly Fell said...

I doubt they check them, to any degree of thoroughness anyway Ben. Paranoia and fear, it's everywhere, particularly behind the doors of large corporations who make the most and have the most to lose.

Chad - Mick Farren has a blog? I shall have to check it!

Wiggz said...

Anyone know where the blogger button is to turn off Government policy, extortionate overtaxing, potholes, spongers of a broken system, narrow vision and the rain.

As you said if you don't like something then "turn off" and move on.