Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Last Man Standing

This was my final submission for the LMS on Concept Art. Not the one I started with, which I as good as finished, but felt unsure about at the last minute. I finished this one off in a couple of days although had started it at the beginning of the competition. ( I seem to be drawing girls on beds a lot right now! :) )I'll post the first version, a different picture when I tweak it some more. There is a third, but I have no idea if I'll finish it. There were two other fabulous images in my match from Kirtz and Sept13. Sadly Shelly Wan was unable to submit, but I would love to have seen what she would have come up with. Oh well...

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Headless Chicken!

...for I am running around like one! Recently I was asked to produce a cover for Frank Forte's Asylum Press. I'd worked briefly with Frank before when he saw an image of mine he liked called 'Lil'Devil'. Three Vampire girls, or at least one and her two 'converts'! The middle one is loosely based on my partner, the left is fictional, and the girl on the right is inspired by Kato, who kindly agreed to let me use her likeness. The style is slightly out of the norm for me, as these days I prefer to work looser. But it was fun to do, despite clashing with my Last Man Standing piece for Concept Art.

On another note, recently saw 'El Orfanato', The Orphanage produced by Guillermo del Toro. Great movie. Del Toro is fast becoming one of my favourite directors.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Dorian Gray

With my Last Man Standing pic starting to go pear shaped for the Concept Art contest, I'm going to work up a sketch of Dorian Gray, from Oscar Wilde's story. Like my Oscar image I'm going to make him/her androgenous and paint it in the style of Henrique Medina's paintings of Hurt Hatfield as Dorian from the 1945 movie. I can't find much reference for either of the two he painted for the movie. There is plenty of Ivan Albright's corrupt Dorian (who I think looks like Father Jack from 'Father Ted'), but very little of the younger one. Apparently there were two, one which was later bought for Hurd Hatfield, a completely uncorrupted version, and another known as the 'sneer', where Dorian's expression is turning as it begins to show the evil. I guess a good examination of the movie is in order! One thing I love about the film is the fact the whole thing is in black and white, except for the paintings which are in colour!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Taurus Bar

Well, my wife and I put the piccys up in Taurus Bar. Here are a couple of images from the morning. Only got a few 'photos as guests were arriving and I had to disappear off. Thanks to Ian, the manager, for wanting me back. Should be able to return sometime and make a better record, as there are more I didn't photograph.

The Guardian/Independent listings got in touch so there's a chance I'll be in their magazines this weekend. Which would be nice! :)